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Not sure where to start?  Everything you need to know about choosing car seat covers.

Posted by Laura Butcher on Nov 10, 2016 1:47:59 PM
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Seat protection is a science at Black Duck!  Our Customer Relations Consultants are seat-protection-advisors-extrodinaire, backed up by the technical knowledge and capabilities of our experienced Pattern Development Team.  To us, seats matter.  And the best solution to protect your seats, matters too.
So, what do you need to consider when deciding on a seat protection solution?
There are many types of seat protection, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.  The best solution for you and your vehicle depends on a number of factors such as:
Your occupation and what recreational pursuits you use your vehicle for
Do you want to jump in covered in mud, or perhaps throw a toolbox on your back seat?  You'll need to look at heavy duty seat cover options that will take whatever you throw at them!  Or perhaps your vehicle is a family car and you're interested in seat covers to protect your original upholstery from the odd spill - denim seat covers would be the perfect solution.
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Who or what travels in the vehicle with you!
From children to dogs, toolboxes to schoolbags, there's an option suited to your vehicle's occupants.  You'll want to think about whether you need a cover that is resistant to stains, water, fur, dirt and even biting!  Do you need a wipe clean option?  Or do you keep your vehicle meticulously tidy?  It all matters when you're investing in seat protection.
The make and model of your vehicle.
Every vehicle has different shaped seats, which requires a different shaped cover.  This is especially important for tailored seat covers as each cover is made to be a perfect fit for the seat in your particular vehicle.  Some seat protection options and brands may not be available for your vehicle.
Whether your vehicle has seat fitted side impact airbags.
It's very important to ensure accessories fitted to your vehicle do not hinder the operation of safety features such as seat fitted side impact airbags.  Afterall, your safety is paramount!  If your vehicle has airbags fitted in the seats, ensure your seat protection option is fully airbag compatible and certified.  Ask for information about the testing process, and certificates for the seat cover to suit your vehicle to ensure you and your occupants will be 100% safe.
Chat with our team for personalised advice on the best seat protection options for you!  Call us on 1800 803 825 or submit your vehicle details to request a quotation:
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